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July 6, 2010 - ,

Innovation Focus – BNP Paribas Sofia: Soup Kitchen (audio)

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In 2009, 18 awards were given in 9 countries for following categories : Brand, Process optimisation, Managerial practice encouraging innovation, Customer satisfaction, Employee satisfaction, Re-use, Cross-selling, Products and services.

BNP Paribas presents its award winners.

This week, discover Soup Kitchen, an initiative by the employees at the Sofia branch of BNP Paribas.

Soup Kitchen prepares warm lunches for the elderly and needy throughout winter. The project is financed by employee donations supplemented by equal contributions from the bank. Every Lev (Bulgarian currency) that an employee donates is matched by the bank. Thanks to an agreement with the City of Sofia, the cost of the meals is minimal, amounting to just the cost of the food. The preparation, electricity and distribution are free. The project has been embraced enthusiastically, not only by employees but also by customers and partners, who have thrown their support behind it.

Concerts and exhibitions have also been held to raise funds. The project has grown greatly in scope, with more than 1700 meals being served each day.

Ulrich Schubert, Head of Country in Bulgaria for BNP Paribas, explains this great initiative.

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Today Innovation is everywhere. BNP Paribas recognises and encourages innovation in all its forms and that’s why it organizes every year the Group Innovation Awards.