“We believe that our values should be embraced by everyone in the Group and guide our daily actions. These values help motivate people and foster a sense of unity and common purpose across the entire Group.”

 Michel Pébereau, Honorary Chairman of BNP Paribas

The Bank for a Changing World

To serve an increasingly global and competitive marketplace, we aim to be the benchmark bank in terms of service quality, innovation, and ethics. While we are “The Bank for a Changing World”, the principles that continue to shape our organisation and inform the way we engage with employees, partners and our clients remain constant.

We are proud of the culture of openness and cohesion that we have built around the world, which is founded on common values that together encapsulate the essence of our bank and who we are. They are simple but powerful: Responsiveness, Creativity, Commitment and Ambition. These core values are also reflected in the BNP Paribas brand – four stars “taking flight” in a symbol of the dynamism and the drive for progress that will always define our bank.

A Dynamic and Diversified Career

A career with us provides exciting opportunities across the organisation and for ongoing professional and personal growth and development.

Preparing for the Future

We invest in the training and integration of our employees to anticipate the exact demands of the economic climate. Financial and business activity is highly complex and is continually changing by its very nature. Thanks to a continual learning process, our new and existing staff members are able to acquire the necessary skills they need to excel, whilst being enriched by a wealth of experiences. We hope that you too will flourish under our guidance, shaping both your own future and ours.

Nurturing your Talents

We have established a Learning and Development Academy, which has a specific aim to support your growth and to help you progress throughout your professional career. The Academy is supported by our vision: “Investing in your Career”.

An international team offers and coordinates a wide range of activities that serve the training needs of our professionals worldwide. The development and implementation of seminars enhancing the know-how and skills related to the bank’s activities and key competencies lie at the heart of our training. We also offer seminars and development opportunities covering international topics linked to key activities of each business line. Throughout the year, you will work closely with your team leader and Human Resources Business Partner to develop a long term, global development plan that includes training and development linked to your level of experience and long-term goals.

Personalised Career Management

By joining us, you will have the opportunity to embark on a dynamic career involving a wide range of activities and professions. Like all employees, you are encouraged to take charge of your career, and at every step you will be supported by your Human Resources Business Partner. During the year and throughout your personalised development programme, you will have regular updates with your Human Resources Business Partner to ensure your development plan and goals are being achieved.

We foster a corporate culture, which focuses on you, supporting our belief that every individual within the Bank is the driving force behind their achievements.

Core values

  • Responsiveness
    Speed in the assessment of new situations and developments, and in identifying opportunities and risks
    Efficiency in decision making and in action
  • Creativity
    Encouraging initiatives and new ideas
    Recognising contributions
  • Commitment
    Commitment to the service of clients and collective accomplishments
    Exemplary behaviour
  • Ambition
    Aspiration for challenge and leadership
    Desire to obtain team success in a competition where the referee is the client