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BNP Paribas Sharia Supervisory Committee is composed of well-known and highly commended scholars.

Sheikh Nizam Yaquby – Bahrain
Chairman of BNP Paribas’ Sharia Supervisory Committee

Sheikh Nizam YaqubyEducated at both the McGill University in Canada and the University of Wales, Sheikh Yaquby has studied under the guidance of some of the world’s pre-eminent Islamic scholars. He gained over twenty years of experience in teaching Islamic business subjects and has written several research papers on these topics. Sheikh Yaquby is a Sharia advisor for many international financial institutions and insurance companies, including the Dow Jones Islamic index.

Dr. Mohamed Daud Bakar – Malaysia

Dr. Mohamed Daud BakarEducated at the University of Kuwait and at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, Dr. Daud Bakar is the Deputy Rector and an Associate Professor in Islamic Law, at the International Islamic University in Malaysia. He has published a considerable number of research papers and has participated in numerous seminars and conferences on Islamic banking and finance.

Dr Daud Bakar is as well a Sharia consultant and advisor for several financial institutions around the world, including Bank Negara Malaysia & the International Islamic Financial Market in Bahrain.


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