2021 National Fraud Awareness Campaign

Stop. Think. Protect.  Be alert and join us in the fight against fraud.

Click on the following links below to learn more about the five most common types of fraud in the UAE and some simple steps on how these frauds can be prevented:

  1. Email Fraud – English / Arabic
  2. Phone Fraud – English / Arabic
  3. Social Engineering Fraud – English / Arabic
  4. Advance Fee Fraud – English / Arabic
  5. Business Email Fraud – English / Arabic

Click on the following links below for tips on how to protect yourself from fraud in three main areas of your daily life:

  1. Bank Smart – simple steps to secure your digital banking – English / Arabic
  2. Shop Smart – precautions before making your purchase – English / Arabic
  3. Social Smart – keep your social media accounts secure – English / Arabic

IMPORTANT: In the event that you suspect fraudulent activity, you are required to report it immediately to the UAE Banks Federation and our Customer Service Desk through the following channels:

BNP Paribas Abu Dhabi Branch

Tel: +971 2 6938844
Email: csd.abudhabi@bnpparibas.com

BNP Paribas Dubai Branch

Tel: +971 44 25 7813
Email: csd.dubai@bnpparibas.com